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Jeffery Combs - More Heart Than Talent
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Category: Business
Location: Stockton

Jeffery Combs is an internationally recognized trainer in the network marketing & direct sales industry. Jeff specializes in prospecting, leadership, personal breakthroughs, prosperity consciousness, scripts, mindset training, and all l ...more

Jeffery Combs is an internationally recognized trainer in the network marketing & direct sales industry. Jeff specializes in prospecting, leadership, personal breakthroughs, prosperity consciousness, scripts, mindset training, and all levels of effective marketing. His many audio training programs benefit entrepreneurs & direct sales people at all levels of conscious development.

Jeff has personally consulted with over 8,000 clients as a personal coach and mentor, and is highly sought after by entrepreneurs, direct sales people, network marketers, and people from all walks of life. Jeff is the President of Golden Mastermind Seminars Inc. and is committed to assisting people change the way they feel in order to achieve their goals and dreams! Jeff is available to you and your company for coaching and speaking, and has developed a special package of training materials and professional guidance that will assist you and your team to create maximum results now!

For further information, please call 800-595-6632 or visit his web site at

by Jeffery Combs
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July 23, 2014 07:40 AM PDT

David Wood is the host of the The Kickass Life Podcast, which is broadcast in 200 countries and features some of the most respected authors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the world. And, most recently David has just launched a new podcast, Amplified Network Marketing, as a network marketing expert himself this podcast is designed to help grow you, your business and your wealth as he interviews leaders and experts in this industry.

David is a Author, Trainer, Life Coach, Humanitarian and Business Leader, who has lived, traveled and worked in over 50 countries, bringing his passion for people, culture and the unknown to everything he does. As a business leader he has grown multiple multi-million dollar companies and is a strategic consultant for a 1.5 Billion dollar health and wellness company located in the USA.

As a Trainer and speaker, he brings his global experience and deep understanding of the human condition to create some of the most dynamic, engaging, fun and effective trainings, courses on three continents. As a coach, David is internationally recognized as “The Trainers Trainer” and works with thousands of trainers, teachers and educators, and has a goal to personally train 10,000 trainers who are committed to delivering transformational work. David would tell you, however, that his greatest accomplishment is being the father of his two boys, Calvin and Ben.

July 16, 2014 08:10 AM PDT

1. Connecting with yourself
2. Connecting with others
3. The psychology of asking
4. The psychology of answering
5. Listening (what is meant vs what is said)
6. Leading a conversation
7. Receiving Yes's
8. Setting the sale
9. Interrupting - when necessary
10. Letting go of the
A. Conversation
B. Person
C. Emotion
11. The energy-charisma
12. Handling objectives and u-turns (posture)
13. Connecting Purpose
A. Just to connect
B. To qualify
C. For a specific result

July 09, 2014 08:51 AM PDT

1. Living an inspired life
2. Your emotional state
3. Your physical state
4. Your relationships
5. Your financial state
6. Your dialogue with receiving and deserving
7. Your dialogue with money
8. The process of change
9. Your perception of pain keeps you avoiding pleasure
10. Your best is good enough
11. Your ability to be organized
12. Living fulfilled

July 02, 2014 06:30 AM PDT

1. Qualifying the prospect for your time
2. 3 types of questions
A. Small talk, fact finding, rapport building
3. Asking the questions in a sequence
4. Letting go of anxiety about rejection
5. Why people don't buy
A. They aren't interested
B. You aren't interesting
6. Becoming a master asker
A. Repetition and experience
7. Your cadence, tempo and delivery
8. Finding the problem
9. Selling the product, selling the dream
10. Your dialogue with money determines how you do and don't ask
11. I get these questions, I don't get these questions
12. Schooling the appointment
13. Trial closing
14. Handling objections
15. Closing the sale

June 25, 2014 06:43 AM PDT

1. Why most people have challenges focusing
A. Being overwhelmed
B. Procrastination
C. Low Self-Esteem - Deserve Issue
2. How to improve your focus
3. Focus on what will bring the quickest result (return on energy)
4. Focus on Clarity
5. It's not Hocus-Pocus, it's Focus
6. Focus is asking for what you deserve
7. Focus is expectation
8. Focus is when skills, talent & habits come together
9. Focus is an identity
10. Is your focus Negative or Positive
11. Staying Focused

June 18, 2014 11:06 AM PDT

This Week: The Art of Qualifying

1. Your most valuable commodity (time)
2. Dedicated time to honing your craft
3. Asking questions
4. 5-15 words that end with a question mark
5. Qualifying leads for my time
6. Where to devote your time
7. The 3 types of questions
A. Small talk
B. FAQ finding
C. Rapport Building
8. The art of the interview
9. Looking for the problem, offering a solution
10. Scheduling appointments to qualified buyers
11. Trial closing question
12. Developing the reflexes
13. Closing the sale

June 11, 2014 08:24 AM PDT

This Week: Belief

1. The thoughts we adopt to rule our lives
2. Events and your perception of the events shape your belief creating your sense of certainty
3. The environment, the events and the meaning we attach to the event that shapes our beliefs
4. Uncertainty - Doubt
5. The 4 Phases of Belief
A. Impossible
B. Possible
C. Probable
D. Definite
6. Letting go of limiting belief
7. Your belief about yourself determines who you attract
8. Your belief and duologue with money will determine how you attract the people who you collaborate with
9. Belief Anchors - Anchoring your beliefs
10. Developing your sense of certainty

June 04, 2014 07:02 AM PDT

1. Your Identity
2. Your New Identity - Who you are today
3. Your Potential
4. Playing Small - Living Larger
5. Playing Big - "Full Out"
6. People from your old story may not approve
7. New friends - New Stories
8. Addiction to Recovery
9. Create a Plan for your present future story
10. Storytelling - Writing, Speaking
11. The Value of your story
12. Letting go of control

May 28, 2014 06:35 AM PDT

This Week: The Psychology of Winning

1. Winning is an attitude
2. Losing is an attitude
3. Your Mindset
4. Winners have short moments
5. Winners use the occasion
6. Winners accept defeat gracefully and come back strong
7. The law of averages & creating a high law of average
8. Creating the culture of winning
9. Consistent Winning
10. Attracting other winners

May 21, 2014 08:03 AM PDT

1. Rejection - Why people take it personally
2. Understanding what rejection is and isn't
3. Letting go of the perceived pain
4. The effects of rejection and how they lead to procrastination
5. Predicting objections
6. The 5 main objections
7. Handling + Neutralizing objections
8. Neutralizing objections before they happen
9. Setting the sale up
10. Closing the sale

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